Personal Injury

I am a trial attorney with diverse experience litigating catastrophic and personal injury cases. I have successfully resolved motor vehicle collision, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, sexual abuse, product liability, and workplace injury cases. My personal injury practice now focuses on motor vehicle and trucking collision cases as well as catastrophic workplace injuries. 

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is very important to me. My time as an elected official showed me how much power banks, insurance companies and big business have in politics.  I sue banks, insurance companies, and big business on behalf of consumers because often times the court room is the only place where powerful interests can be held accountable.   

Small Business

Small business owners work very hard. Most of us pour our entire lives into making the business work. When deals go sideways small business owners can face ruin. I understand what it means to protect what you’ve worked for because I’m a small business owner too. I represent small business owners and nonprofits in contract disputes and other business matters.  

Complex Litigation

I’m experienced in complex litigation against large banks and insurance companies on behalf of institutions and consumers. I act as local counsel for complex matters, including class actions; and have enjoy collaborating with other lawyers to co-counsel complex matters.  

"Nick is extremely knowledgeable and capable and was an invaluable resource in helping us achieve a tremendous result for our client. I look forward to working together again.”

- Brent Crumpton, Attorney, Brent L. Crumpton, PC